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Who is a product marketing manager?

Product marketing is essential for any company's success in 2022. However, very often companies don't understand a product marketing manager's actual role and enumerate the responsibilities of a content creator in their hiring ads for product marketing managers.

So who is a product marketing manager and what should he/she do?

The responsibilities of product marketing managers vary from company to company (they won't be the same in Google and Facebook), but let's try to figure out the general concept.

Product marketing bridges the gap between product management, marketing and, to some extent, sales (like DevOps - between development and operations teams).

The primary role of a product marketing manager is to research and define the target markets and value propositions for each specific market segment to make the launch of a product or feature successful.

To do this, a product marketing manager needs to:

  • know the product thoroughly

  • understand users

  • know competitors

  • be able to translate technical specifications into compelling messages

  • and of course, predict the future.

Now it's time to think what are the responsibilities of a product marketing manager in your company...



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