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How to convert LinkedIn approaches into sales meetings?

LinkedIn importance for B2B sales teams is growing rapidly. It's close to impossible that you never received a sales message on LinkedIn. What should be done to convert LinkedIn approaches into sales meetings?

Here are some nice strategies to be implemented.

1. LinkedIn profile - a website that immediately tells the visitors how can you help them.

Your LinkedIn profile is no longer your personal area but a massive sales tool that your prospects can visit to understand why choose your product and how you can help them reach their goals or meet their needs.

2. Content is king

Add relevant and right content for your potential customers to build their trust.

3. Personalization, value, CTA

Build a template of the initial approach message and make sure its' as personalized as possible, explain what value you can bring to the prospect and include a simple call-to-action (for example, ask a prospect about the current pain points).

4. Careful prospecting

Use LinkedIn’s filters to select and refine your prospects carefully. Also, try to establish trusted relationships with your current connections so that they could refer you.

5. Enhanced content strategy

Make sure to have automated content scheduling tools to share relevant information with your prospects in your company's account on a regular basis.

6. Connection

Invite prospects from various online events to connect on LinkedIn. Every prospect can become your next customer.

7. Activity on LinkedIn

Approaches and messages are great but you also need to devote some time to stay active on LinkedIn - comment, like, share and engage in conversations with the community.



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