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Privacy Policy & GDPR


LeadSpotting ( has several products: MarketSpotting - open-source market intelligence platform; LeadSpot - LinkedIn marketing platform including the LinkedIn extension for Chrome with the backend website; LeadStore -  contact data acquisition and verification platform (the “Products”). LeadSpotting privacy policy is general for all the websites powered by LeadSpotting.

LeadSpotting was developed for bringing you information from open sources while taking care of your privacy. The current policy outlines the types of personal information that we may collect about our users and explains where we store and how we use this information. This policy does not apply to the public information about you or other people that is found on the web or provided by third-party services that we use and subsequently appears during the search on LeadSpot extension/LeadStore website. To remove public information about you from the LeadSpot extension/LeadStore website, please contact us at Please pay attention that we are unable to remove the information provided by third-party services, to do this, you need to contact the information provider directly.

By using LeadSpotting and its Products, you automatically agree to the collection and use of your personal information mentioned in this policy and to LeadSpotting’s Terms of Use. In case that any important changes to this policy are underway, there will be an announcement at LeadSpotting website:


LeadSpotting protects the privacy of children. That is why in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) children under 13 are not allowed to use the LeadSpotting website and Products. If you are under 13 years old we kindly ask you not to use the LeadSpotting website or Products.


LeadSpotting may collect information related to your use of LeadSpotting and its Products websites (including LeadSpot plugin) such as site usage history for analytical purposes (we also use Google Analytics) and for service improvement.


All the information collected about you by LeadSpotting while you use the LeadSpotting website or its Products is stored in the LeadSpotting database exclusively.

Please note that we don’t store any private information of EU citizens using LeadSpotting or its Products websites (including LeadSpot plugin) in the LeadSpotting database with full compliance to GDPR regulations.


All the information about you collected by LeadSpotting (see ‘Information collection’) is used solely by LeadSpotting for analytical and service improvement purposes, we don’t publish it anywhere or transfer it to third parties.


LeadSpotting uses cookies to improve the delivery of our services. When you first visit the LeadSpotting website or its Products websites a cookie is downloaded to your PC. Cookies are simple ’text files’ typically containing two pieces of information: a site name and a unique user ID. The next time you visit the website your PC sends information from the relevant cookie back to the website.

Cookies help us to better understand your needs by keeping track of your visits and activity at our websites. They help optimize your user experience, for example, recognize you when you visit the website and configure it according to your preferences as well as keep your user account secure.

You can adjust cookies settings in your browser - block, allow or delete cookies.


LeadSpotting and its Products websites contain links to third parties websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you leave LeadSpotting or its Products websites by following the link related to a third party website, bear in mind that third party websites have their own privacy policy and terms of services and we are not responsible for the personal data they collect from you. Thus, please read the privacy policy and terms of use of the websites which links you are going to follow as the current Privacy Policy concerns only LeadSpotting and its Products websites (including LeadSpot extension).


To ensure the best customer support, we use Smartsupp services. Please note that when you send a support request via live chat integrated into our websites, you automatically agree to the policy of Smartsupp in addition to LeadSpotting privacy policy, so it is highly recommended to read their privacy policy.


LeadSpotting will disclose information to third parties if we have legal or good faith reasons to do this, namely:

To satisfy requests made according to the law, regulation, legal process/claim, by governments, governmental and law enforcement agencies, and other authorized entities and persons;

To detect, prevent, stop or deal with any types of illegal activities, security breaches, fraud and other technical issues;

To enforce LeadSpotting’s Terms of Use and detect, prevent, stop or otherwise address their violations;

To protect LeadSpotting’s rights, property, safety and reputation, as well as our users and the general public, from any violations.



Information collected by LeadSpotting is stored exclusively in the LeadSpotting database. No information is collected for the users from the EU. LeadSpotting reserves the right to transfer information in case of opening of new offices or affiliate companies, change of ownership, acquisition by or a merger with another company.


LeadSpotting is fully compliant with the GDPR terms. We don’t process or store the personal data of EU citizens in the LeadSpotting database.

Note that if you occasionally come across the personal data of any EU citizen, such data is provided either from open online sources or by third parties and we bear no responsibility for their compliance with the GDPR.


If you have any questions or requests related to our Privacy Policy please contact us by this email:

If you prefer that we will not disclose information about you obtained from open sources or from third-party websites to our users, vendors or business partners, you may opt-out by sending an email with your details to In this case, we shall not continue to use or disclose the mentioned information about you.

To report any violations of Privacy Policy or GDPR, please contact



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