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December 2021: Sales & Marketing Newsletter

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate!

May 2022 be productive, full of customers and reached KPIs. Wishing you and your families lots of happiness, health, love and prosperity. Set new goals and reach them!


January 2022 Sales & Marketing events

  • 6 Jan 2022 - Campaign Breakfast Briefing - the hottest trends in advertising, media, marketing and more in 2022.

  • 11-13 Jan 2022 - AdWeek: Outlook 2022 - insights and predictions in marketing and media.


  • 18 Jan 2022 - Marketing with purpose: Building trusted brand experiences.

  • 19-21 Jan 2022 - Japan IT Week: Osaka - western Japan's largest* IT trade show covering a wide range of IT fields, including Web & Digital Marketing Expo, AI & Business Automation Expo, Advanced E-Commerce & Retail Expo, Sales Automation & CRM Expo.

  • 26 Jan 2022 - Product Marketing Summit Las Vegas - the largest gathering of PMMs from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups to share Product Marketing success stories, experiences, and challenges.

  • 31 Jan 2022 - Hero Conf Austin - a gathering of digital nerds looking for a training event that covers PPC alongside the most pressing developments in the world of digital marketing.

  • 31 Jan 2022 - SUPERWEEK - a unique, annual gathering of digital marketing professionals, analysts, and thought leaders of the measurement industry.


LinkedIn strategy tips for 2022

The new year is approaching and it is high time to build strategies for 2022. How to behave on LinkedIn in the year of the tiger? Be a tiger or a cat?)

1. Continuous advertising Advertising can influence the audience buying decisions, but only the audience decides when to buy your product, thus, be consistent and keep the audience continuously aware of your products or services until they are ready to buy them. 2. Advertise during the holiday season While advertising during the holidays you are likely to reach the most engaged LinkedIn audience. 3. Ensure brand awareness Nowadays people tend to buy a brand but not a specific product, so keep them aware of your brand and actively engage with them. 4. Understand your ideal audience Use LinkedIn’s Page Demographics and Visitor Analytics features to check that you are targeting the right audience. 5. Mix organic and paid strategies When LinkedIn Page Followers are exposed to both organic and paid content, they are more likely to convert. 6. Be inclusive Use inclusive language in your content.


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