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Sales Intelligence 

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Umbrella of solutions for Sales & Marketing 


LeadSpotting is an AI-driven business intelligence company
focused on gathering data from open web sources & social media and transforming it into valuable sales and marketing information.

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LeadSpot - one stop shop for leads generation, enrichment and management allowing to find companies, get relevant leads, generate contact details, and manage all the customers in an intuitive CRM.

Market Research



MarketSpotting is an automatic market intelligence service that scans and filters millions of open web sources according to customer's requirements and delivers customized reports with timely, high-quality, targeted insights and updates essential for decision-making.

Market Research

On-demand market research services provide the full scope of 

research of any target market according to specific customer requirements. 



AudienceDive is an audience exploration and analysis platform that allows marketers to get to know their audiences prior to starting a campaign targeting them. AudienceDive brings unmatched insights and data that can calibrate the messages and the content for maximum success. 


CRP is the first-of-a-kind prediction platform that allows predicting the success of future social posts. With CRP, marketers can ideally simulate and pick the best influencers which will bring results.


Customers & Partners

Upcoming Events

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Jan 19, 2021

The First B2B Forum that provides a Live Exhibition, Conference, Networking and Gala Awards, supported by a pre-event series of Virtual Insights and Highlights with a Virtual Exhibition and Networking Platform to facilitate your business growth whilst we countdown to our live events in both the UAE and Israel.


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Phone (Israel): +972 54-459-3583

Email: customersuccess@leadspotting.com

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